Our Story

My name is Trisha. 

Husband is Dylan.

We got engaged in January 2012.


And were married in May 2012.

This is our story...

I, Trisha, had been attending The Gathering Network church on and off since moving to Kansas. Since starting nursing school, Sunday nights were filled with studying and late nights in the library. On this particular Sunday night my roommate talked me into going to church--even though I had a bunch of studying to do. When I got there I noticed a new face playing the guitar on the worship team. I had been there enough times to recognize faces, and this was one I could not remember. As the service went on, the boy I saw was one of three people that were giving a short story of their life that night. Come to find out, the boy's name was Dylan Nelson, he had moved from Phoenix, Arizona in the summer to intern with the church, and he was "SOOO single--- Like the most single he's ever been." (direct quote from him that night) Of course this sparked my never ending curiosity and I quickly shot my roommate a look of approval.

Well, Dylan had been playing on the worship team at The Gathering Network for awhile and thought that this particular Sunday was just an ordinary one. He got up to play some songs, shared a little part of his life, said some things about his non-exsistant dating life, and sat down. Little did he know a girl in the crowd would hear those words and get in touch with him a few weeks later...

A couple weeks went by (2 at the most) and I could not get Dylan out of my head. I tried asking a couple people if they knew him but the only thing they knew was that he went to that church. Being 2011, I decided to look him up on Facebook, well more or less stalk him. It was Cino De Mayo and I finally got up the nerve to send him a message. It read...


Can I just say...i was at the gathering that Sunday you spoke and I about died from laughing. You're great. Also...my guy, Ryan Lytle, allowed me to stalk you cus I had to let you know.


Short and sweet right?? ;)

He replied...

"Oh what a creeper! Just kidding, I'm glad I could make you laugh. I would love to meet you on Sunday and introduce you to my friends! Sound good?"

After an exchanging of messages and I, being the bold one and giving him my number,  set up a time to meet. Since graduation was the upcoming Sunday, May 8, 2011, I knew I would be busy with grad parties so I decided to plan for a late night hang out afterward. Well when I finally arrived 2 hours late, I found Dylan sitting in the parking lot of church all by his lonesome self. (Meeting someone you've never met at night in an empty park lot is creepy---I know) Being that it was 11 o'clock on a Sunday night in Olathe, nothing was open, so they decided to drive to the nearest park and swing on the swing set.

Dylan had made plans with some guys to hang out after he and I got done meeting up cause as he likes to say, it was just going to be a guick--"Hey, nice to meet you, you should come hang out more blah blah blah" type of meeting. I on the other hand, didn't really know what to expect. But, after 3 hours of sharing our life stories, I knew it wouldn't be the last time we saw each other. Something clicked for the both of us that night and after Dylan asked me on the ride back  "so was this a date?" and me replying "we just met each other!" , we planned an official outing and never stopped seeing each other after that.

So for all you single people out there...Find a stage, jump up on it, and proclaim your single life to the world. You never know who will be sitting in the audience...

And girls--it's totally ok to make the first move ;)