Monday, March 4, 2013


Hey. Thanks for letting me be a little vulnerable and share my thoughts.
...and sorry if I made you cry!

I thought I would share more of what's been going on with us lately in our every day life.
The Kansas City area had one of the worst snow storms in yeeeeaaarrrsssss last week.
We got hit twice with 12-16 inches each time!
 I was not a fan.
Seriously....if I never see snow again, I would be fine.
But, nevertheless, I live in the Midwest---which means it is inevitable.
Luckily I live about 2 blocks from the Hospital so I walked to work instead of bunking up with the other 400 employees who slept there.
Here are some pictures for you, because I know you are just DYING to see what a winter wonderland looks like.

Our lovely street.
I did not listen to my husband when he said not to drive and got stuck....
causing him to dig me out . What a man! 

Just me enjoying the heat as Dylan had a photographer moment.

Oh hey, I'm so warm!

I need a beach, tan, and fruity drink ASAP.

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