Friday, April 11, 2014

birth plans.

Let me first start by saying...
I've always been one to go against the norm.
Maybe not in EVERY aspect of life, but in enough to count.

Take for example all the food documentaries. 
All someone had to do was tell me about em, show me some facts, and it was over.
I wouldn't say it was EASY being vegan for 3 months but I sure did learn a lot and feel a whole lot better.

Newest fascination: Natural/Holistic Childbirth.
Crazy right!?
Why would anyone CHOOSE to go through so much pain.
I know....I used to say the same thing.
Growing up I pretty much banked on the fact that I would deliver in a hospital, with an epidural, and it would be GLORIOUS.
well...once my curious little brain gets ahold of new information, I tend to dive in full force.

When we announced that we were pregnant I spoke with a woman at my church about her experience. She wasn't pushy or over opinionated about her choosing "awe nature-al", she simply encouraged me to watch the documentary "The business of being born." 
Whoa. My whole thought process was completely changed.
I started diving into more and more research and it felt like I actually WANTED to do this.
It is fascinating how little we know about childbirth and the whole dang experience.
Shouldn't there be a required class on this in school or something?
I mean you are making a HUMAN BEING.
Anyway...needless to say, I was hooked.

I could go on and on about what I've been learning or new research I've found but that would take forever and I'm sure you don't care right now.
So I'm mainly writing this to say two things...

1. I am thankful for those out there who are willing to do all this research and show women that they do have options. It isn't a 1 size fits all kind of process. What works for 1 woman, may not work for another. And so on and so on. Meaning, maybe delivering in a hospital and getting an epidural is right for you and you are completely satisfied with that experience. That's great! I want each and every women to feel like they made their own decision and are happy about it. It's good to have options and to know what exactly you are getting yourself into. 

2. I wish women would be better encouragers on whatever decision they choose to make. The moment I tell someone that I'm delivering in a Birth center, with a midwife, and no---there is no pain medicine,  the responses are always:
"Oh honey, you don't want to do me." 
"What!? no drugs? You're crazy."
"Why would you want to go through that much pain??"
and so on...
Looking back I don't think 1 person has said....
"Wow, that's so brave of you." 
"I admire your courage."
"Yes! You can totally do it."

The more I talked to other people, the more I doubted all the thoughts I had on making that decision.
I think my biggest fear came from what other people were saying and how little support I was given...
It felt like if I failed or decided last minute to change things around I would hear...
"We knew you couldn't do it." 

I don't know what's going to happen in my birth experience...
I may need an emergency C-section or my body may not be able to do a normal delivery, but my wish is that is that I feel supported and know that everyone is rooting for me because they know whatever I decide is what I want.

So here is what my birth plan looks like:

-Labor at home with a Doula as long as possible.
-Transfer to the birth center with my midwife once I'm far enough along.
-No IV's, Pitocin,  epidurals, heart monitors strapped around me, or other interventions.
-Labor in the tub/shower and possibly deliver there too.
-Wait until the cord stops pulsating before it's cut. (5-10min)
-Immediate skin to skin contact after birth for at least an hour.
-Attempt breastfeeding within the first hour after birth.

I trust my midwives and know that things might not go the way I plan, which really I'm not asking for much considering most of those things above they do anyway so....
I'm hopeful and excited and I have an overwhelming sense of peace about it all!

Cheers to a good birth baby!

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